The Facts of the Matter

Looking past today’s rhetoric on the Environment and Responsible Development

The Facts of the Matter
 adds depth, balance and substance to the global conversation about environmental and economic issues. An approach based on optimism that goes beyond partisan rhetoric and promotes a fact-based approach to environmental stewardship, responsible development, improved public health, and the elimination of poverty.

This book is the basis for a conversation.  One based on solutions over rhetoric.  One that will cause a rethinking of our biases -- to the benefit of the greater good.

"David is a critical thinker and his book gives real examples of how greater economic prosperity can provide the means for both stronger environmental stewardship and improving the human condition. Since I first met him over 30 years ago, David has been a globe trekking economic optimist and The Facts of the Matter is a must read for all of us interested in a real conversation moving forward." – Arthur B. Laffer, Father of Supply Side Economics, Economic Policy Advisor to President Reagan

"David Parish's proposition to utilize inquiry and engagement versus confrontation and advocacy is a great theme and powerful basis for the book. His plea for solutions over rhetoric and his invitation to others to come together for serious and fact-based discussion is the ultimate value of The Facts of the Matter. Parish is clearly on the side of making a difference versus creating a dust storm. I hope the book receives a wide circulation. We’d all be better off." – John Hofmeister, Former President, Shell Oil Company, Author of Why We Hate the Oil Companies: Straight Talk from an Energy Insider

"David captures what is possible when an 'all hands on deck' approach is applied to tackling our toughest challenges, and the real possibilities for innovation that can happen when people with diverse views work together for the common good." – General Joe Ralston, former Supreme Allied Commander, Europe, NATO who led efforts to integrate 3 former Yugoslav states into NATO in 1999 and the process to invite seven other former Communist nations to join NATO in 2002

official-summary-facts-of-the-matter.jpgAlso available is the official summary ofTHE FACTS OF THE MATTER This complete—and authorized—summary distills the insights from the author’s book The Facts of the Matter