Do Facts Matter?

Looking past today’s rhetoric on the Environment and Responsible Development

It's time for a real conversation about the environment, economic growth, and the needs of our increasing global population. We don't need overblown saviors, doomsday prophets, or more shouting matches. We need to look deeper at the facts, and make real decisions.

"David is a critical thinker and his book gives real examples of how greater economic prosperity can provide the means for both stronger environmental stewardship and improving the human condition."
 – Arthur B. Laffer, Economic Policy Advisor to President Reagan

"David Parish's proposition to utilize inquiry and engagement versus confrontation and advocacy is a great theme and powerful basis for the book."
 – John Hofmeister, Former President, Shell Oil Company

"David captures what is possible when an 'all hands on deck' approach is applied to tackling our toughest challenges."
 – General Joe Ralston, former Supreme Allied Commander, Europe, NATO

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